inner north physiotherapy

We warmly welcome you to our beautiful new space, Inner North Physiotherapy, an innovative physiotherapy practice offering comprehensive services by experienced and highly-qualified physiotherapists.

Having established two successful and highly regarded clinics in Clifton Hill , Sal and Jen are delighted to join with Ali here in Thornbury. Together, we have a longstanding working relationship and friendship. Our combined passion for quality evidence-based physiotherapy has helped us establish extensive networks across Melbourne and beyond. We have all lived locally for many years and are excited to be bringing our service to this vibrant Thornbury community. Our ongoing involvement in research, lecturing and teaching, means you are being treated by highly qualified practitioners at the forefront of new developments.

Our team of physiotherapists have extensive experience from working in private practice, private and public hospitals, and research and teaching over a range of physiotherapy disciplines including sports, manipulative, musculoskeletal, neurological pain management, continence, women’s / men’s health and paediatric services.

We are confident our practice will offer a service that stands apart, as we value excellence in quality care delivered by highly-educated and experienced physiotherapists.

Important information relating to COVID-19

We wanted to let our valued clients know that it is business as usual at all our clinics. Let’s keep working together to continue to keep the community healthy.
Accordingly as per Department of Health Guidelines we have ensured that all recommended infection control procedures are in place at our clinics.

As a precaution, if you have travelled or transited in the past 14 days AND / OR have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Sore Throat

We would appreciate if you could please postpone and reschedule your appointment by calling us and contact your doctor via phone to discuss your symptoms. However if you are well don’t forget that exercise is key component of keeping you and your immune system healthy.

At all our clinics, we can offer phone and online video consultations. Please advise at the time of booking if you would like a phone/video consult.

Our Services


Our team of experienced physiotherapists have a wide range of specialities and are well placed to diagnose and manage your problem.

Chronic Pain Management at Inner North Physiotherapy, Thornbury

We all understand the complex nature of chronic pain and the need for a multidisciplinary, Biopsychcosocial approach.

Knee Clinic

The knee pain clinic provides a complete approach for those suffering from knee pain, recovering from knee surgery or knee injury.

Real Time Ultrasound at Inner North Physiotherapy, Thornbury

Physiotherapists use real-time ultrasound to examine how the small stabilising muscles of the spine are functioning.

Women’s & Men’s Health Clinic Thornbury

Our specialised Women’s and Men’s Health clinic in Thornbury is dedicated to addressing the often-distressing symptoms of incontinence, pelvic pain, and bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Other Services

We have a range of other services available at Inner North Physiotherapy. Click here for more information

Our Practitioners

All practitioners at our clinic have completed or are completing postgraduate university training and most are involved in teaching, university lecturing and research.  This means that you are being treated by highly qualified people at the forefront of new developments in the management of musculoskeletal disorders.