Anterior Knee Pain at Inner North Physiotherapy, Thornbury

Inner North Physiotherapy provides quality care for anterior knee pain to the local areas of Thornbury, Northcote, Brunswick, Westgarth, Preston, Coburg, Fairfield, Collingwood, Abbotsford, Alphington and Reservoir

About Anterior Knee Pain – Patellofemoral Pain

Patellofemoral pain, also referred to as anterior knee pain, is a common musculoskeletal condition in the general and sporting communities. It affects up to 25% of the population, 36% of adolescents and is more prevalent in females.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is characterised by pain at the of the knee around or behind the knee cap. This pain can be hard to localise or sharp and is often associated with squatting, going up or down stairs, kneeling, sitting for long periods and walking/running. It may be associated with noisy knee movements, occasional swelling particularly after exercise, and a feeling locking or giving way.

Assessment of Anterior Knee Pain

Your Physiotherapist take a detailed history, and perform an orthopaedic, examination to determine the exact cause of your anterior knee pain. Other tests including x-rays, power trak testing and real-time ultrasound assessment may also be recommended.

Inner North Physiotherapists also utilise state of the art technology Vi Perform to assess your knee  and pelvic biomechanics, to optimise function, guide rehabilitation and assess for injury risk.

Treatment of Anterior Knee Pain

Physiotherapy is the mainstay of conservative treatment for this condition and the Australian physiotherapy profession has received international recognition for anterior knee pain management. INP’s director Sallie Cowan has published numerous articles on anterior knee pain and was an author of two ground breaking Australian studies that demonstrated the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatment for Anterior Knee Pain (1,2).

Physiotherapy treatment for anterior knee pain involves specific muscle re-education, stretching of lateral structures, taping to reposition the knee cap and unload painful structures, and addressing other contributing factors such as poor hip/proximal control and distal factors such as the foot.

Physiotherapy is an extremely effective evidence based approach to manage anterior knee pain, call now to get yourself on the road to recovery.

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